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Why Us


Why ThermaSeal

ThermaSeal has over 20 years experience with Spray foam and Polyurea products! 


When it comes to the roof over your head, discover why you can count on ThermaSeal spray polyurethane foam (SPF).

With a lifecycle performance that can exceed 30 years, SPF roofing systems offer quality that’s built to last. From high winds, rain, snow and hail to corrosion and foot traffic, SPF’s unique application process and adhesion properties help deliver long-term, high-performance results.


ThermaSeal Spray Foam roofing systems and Polyurea are referred to as “self-flashing” because when properly applied, the durable foam conforms and adheres to a variety of shapes and substrates, forming a seamless, monolithic barrier.

What does that mean for the roof over your head?

  • Reduced ponding due to unique roof designs and various application thicknesses to create a positive slope and improve drainage.

  • Reduced leakage due to coverage around seams, penetrations, parapet walls, HVAC curves, vents and skylights.

  • Polyurethane foam roofs eliminate the need for counter flashing.


Roofs made with SPF can provide long-term quality, while also decreasing potential impacts to the environment by reducing resource expenditures and minimizing the use of landfill capacity. SPF roofs are valued for their energy efficiency, a performance quality which helps minimize the environmental impact of buildings.

Reroof, Recycle and Reduce

When considering a roof, it is important to think about the repair process if it is damaged. SPF roofs do not typically have to be removed during repair, unlike many other roofing systems. Because SPF roofing systems adhere to the substrate, if damaged they resist lateral movement of water which reduces the size of the repair. Once the damage is identified, the area can usually be re-foamed without having to remove the roof.

SPF roof systems can also be applied on top of existing materials on most low slope or flat roofs without the need for tear-off, which extends a roof’s life. These attributes simplify repairs, reduce waste in landfills, and reduce repair time compared to some other replacement techniques.


SPF roofs provide an insulating barrier for low slope and flat roofs for residential and commercial buildings. SPF roofs can significantly reduce air leakage and heat transfer, saving energy otherwise used to heat and cool buildings and thus decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. SPF’s insulating properties make it one of the highest performers among roofing materials.

Additionally, “cool roofs” made with SPF reflect the sun’s energy which mitigates urban heat island effects and reduces building temperatures. Cool roofs help to minimize the effects of climate change because they reduce energy use and therefore certain emissions generated during energy production, and they decrease the heat trapped in the atmosphere by reflecting more sunlight back into space.


Resisting Wind Uplift

SPF roofing systems offer exceptional wind resistance because their application method reduces need for fasteners, battens, strips or heavy ballast.

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Long-term Savings  

SPF roofing systems deliver energy efficiency and maintenance savings year after year which helps offset initial investment. Moreover, energy efficiency tax credits or other incentives may also be available for your project, making the use of SPF even more attractive.


Professional Installation

ThermaSeal’s Trained, professional SPF installers can help you select the right SPF roof system and communicate the necessary safety precautions when SPF roofing materials are being applied. The SPF industry trains professionals on the proper installation techniques and third-party organizations like the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance offer installer certification programs. Ask your SPF contractor about their training and certification credentials for more informed decision-making.

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